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Navchetna Nirman Social Welfare Society was created by a group of persons who have seen individuals, families and communities, struggling with addiction very closely. All of us are responsible members of society who have seen suffering and helplessness of addiction and faced problems of treatment for their loved ones. Navchetna Nirman Social Welfare Society is dedicated to support people who are working hard to overcome addiction.

NCN Social Welfare Society helps people transform their lives by providing the best de-addiction treatment, rehabilitation and recovery services.

The Society is committed to educate, sensitizing and aware community regarding various social and health issues of addiction and promote training and research in this field.

Mission and Philosophy

  • Customized treatment, supportive after care and family involvement, make’s an addiction free life possible.
  • To help our clients achieving, long lasting recovery and lifestyle transformation with emphasis on ‘Whole Person Recovery’
  • Promoting to ” Living in Balance”and accepting to live life at it’s own terms.
  • We are dedicated to identify and prevent relapse during and after treatment.

What we believe

We believe all our clients have the capacity to overcome the challanges they face – Our Faith kindles their hope – and hope is the energizing force behind recovery process.
  • Our methodology is simple, we do what works best.
  • Evidence based care.
  • Safety and respect are the building blocks of treatment.
  • Strategic support of family and communities for a succesful recovery.
  • Nutrition and Physical fitness is the cornerstone.
  • Healthy and Natural Environment helps to rejuvenate.
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