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This page is dedicated to the stories of those people who were strong and robust to fight the de-addiction and then came out as winners. Initially many of them were a lost hope for their loved ones and the close ones were in state of sadness about the future of the addicted persons.
But at NCN we guided them with complete path to de-addiction and then rehabilitated them to enter into an new life new opportunities to live it.

The Story of Harish, how he became addicted and then how he fought back his addiction.

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Harish, a teacher, father of two was also an avid a sports lover. He used to enjoy small parties with friends on weekends. Initially he kept himself aloof from the alcohols and other intoxications. Once he got into hard party situations and drank two pegs of alcoholic drink. He enjoyed and slowly his consumption increased in the party. He was not aware that he was dragging himself on the path alcoholic addiction.
Initially the alcohol was limited to parties only. He never thought of drinking at home. But soon he started to drink on working days and the condition worsened such that he was a drunkard. Within short time of five years he went to rags. He lost his job, his family went away from him, and his relatives began to steal their sight from him as soon as he was confronting them. Harish knew that he was an alcohol addict, but he was not able to quit as he was having no control over his drinking habits and urges. Even in this situation he was ready to compromise everything for a shot of alcohol.
One day his close friend Kamlesh, who came to visit him after a long gap, was shocked to see him in this condition. He was very upset and after spending some time with Harish, he decided to take him to an Alcohol De-addiction treatment center.
Kamlesh was well aware about Navchatna Nirvana Social Welfare Society's De-addiction and Rehabilitation center. Harish was brought to the center and was given a combination of therapies to relieve him from alcoholic addictions. He was treated with multiple therapy sessions as in house patient and Harish also cooperated in getting free from addiction.
Slowly the alcoholic addiction was zeroed and Harish was bubbling with confidence to enjoy his new life with a new promising future. For this boost in the confidence he feels deeply thankful to NCN and his friend Kamlesh. Harish is also actively involved in bringing the peoples who are victims of alcohol and drug use and they seriously need de-addiction and rehabilitation. And He had joined prestigious institute as assistant lecturer with a handsome pay packet.

The Story of Sheetal, how she got addicted and then how she fought back her addiction

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Sheetal used to be a very enthusiastic girl with lots of dreams in mind, untill she was not addicted. She was recently enrolled in Masters Degree in Business Administration. Being career minded she was a laborious candidate and she used to study very hard. She often reduced her sleeping schedules to cover lot of career related knowledge. Due to this she developed stress and she began to face sleeplessness.
Upon visiting her campus doctor, she got recommended for sleep medications for proper stress relieving. Although those medicines were for temporary sleep disturbances, but due to its sedative effects Sheetal started to increase the dosage for better results. Eventually this led her to succumb to other drugs and intoxications that could give her a high for required time. Soon she began to lag behind in studies and started skipping lectures. Her mates were not aware of her drugs addiction, but somehow they started feeling suspicious about her.
Once Sheetal was caught snorting some drug powder in backyard of hostel by one of her friends and she soon reported this to hostel warden. Mrs. Chaudhary, being a hostel warden however was more sensitive to such matter, so she instead of creating a situation tried rather a positive way to handle this abuse by Sheetal. She personally counselled Sheetal by gaining her confidence and in that process Sheetal bursted in tears telling her how she got into the trouble. Mrs. Chaudhary assured her of getting de-addicted.
Mrs Chaudhary brought Sheetal to Navchetna De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center. After series of de-addiction therapy sessions Sheetal finally got renewed about her new phase of life and she came out as winner on drug abuse. When we see after a span of three years, Sheetal today is working as Deputy General Manager in a reputed multinational and she constantly helps out to those addicted to any sort of intoxications by recommending to us for de-addictions. Sheetal constantly feels thankful to Navchetna and often she says that "Navchetna gave me a better New Life".
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